Our internships


The Miniat Family of Companies offers summer and long-term paid internships in a wide variety of fields.

Positions are available in: Engineering, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing, and Purchasing.


We offer rich, real-world experiences that matter—putting hard-earned classroom skills to work.

Join the team and gain valuable new skills. Become smarter, more capable, and an asset to your peers and future employers.


To enhance the internship experience, we’ve created Engage, a weekly, open-forum meeting with company leaders.

You can present what you’re learning, interact with other interns, and build long-lasting relationships.

Are you driven to serve?

The Miniat Family of Companies has invested in huge expansion projects at both of our companies.

We are dedicated to continued investment in the future of both our plants and our people. If you’re driven and eager to learn, we invite you to be a part of our bright and growing future.