Our values

The Miniat Family of Companies shares a rich heritage that began over 100 years ago, when a Lithuanian immigrant began peddling meat in the former stockyards of Chicago.

During those early years, our founder’s drive to serve stemmed from the necessity to simply survive. Now, after a century in practice, that drive has become the very core of who we are today.

Driven To Serve

We’re driven to serve our:

Family Founders

We’re driven to serve our family founders by:

  • Honoring their commitment to honest business
  • Recognizing our success stems from the success of our customer
  • Providing opportunities for our employees to grow and learn
  • Keeping a steady regard for human values


We’re driven to serve our customers by:

  • Listening to their unique needs
  • Exploring solutions
  • Formulating successful products
  • Building lasting partnerships


We’re driven to serve our employees with opportunities to:

  • Strive to become their best
  • Continually learn and acquire new skills
  • Provide for their families
  • Share in the profits of our collective success


We’re driven to serve our communities by:

  • Providing economic growth and jobs
  • Beautifying our neighborhoods by maintaining and improving our properties
  • Supporting local programs that enhance the education and wellbeing of children
  • Funding programs that promote awareness and respect for those with special needs

Ed Miniat LLC

Located in South Holland, Illinois, Ed Miniat LLC produces value-added meats.

Ed Miniat LLC

If you’ve ever eaten at a large, national restaurant chain, bought a frozen meal from your grocery store, or warmed up with a can of soup on a cold day, it’s likely you’ve enjoyed one of the many beef, pork, chicken, or turkey items we produce. Our plant in South Holland also serves as the headquarters for South Chicago Packing LLC.

South Chicago Packing LLC

At SCP, we produce animal fats and oils that are used in both food and non-food products.

South Chicago Packing LLC

SCP, as most of our employees refer to it, is still located near the old Chicago stockyards. Our tallow and lard provide the delicious flavor found in authentic baked goods and your favorite french fries. Non-food applications of our products include everything from fabric softener sheets to candles!